* The most senior Nigerian staff member of MTN, Funke Opeke who was appointed CTO after a long search for a Nigerian replacement for sacked Demola Eleso, has resigned. Opeke was only five months old in the post. After Eleso was sacked in April last year, another Nigerian, Damoye Oyesiku was named as his replacement. Oyesiku resigned after only three days. After the departure of Oyesiku, a South African expatriate, Dion Krige who was seconded from South Africa was appointed acting CTO. He was replaced in October by Opeke.

* Arnaud Castille has joined the Directoire of Maroc Telecom and has been appointed general director of Finance and Adminitration.

* The Ugandan Minister of Foreign Affairs Augusitne S. Nshimy has asked his Angolan colleague to support the application of Patrick F. Masambu to the job of director of the Development sector at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

* Lava Systems Africa, an affinity partner of Canadian-based Open Text, and one of the companies within the Enterprise Content & Wireless (ECW) Group, today announced that Bob Carrigan and John Shackleton, President and Chief Executive Officer, Open Text, have joined its prestigious Chairmen's Committee.