Internet News - In Brief


- Further steps to liberalise the telecoms sector have been announced by the South AfricanCommunications Minister Ivy Matsepe Casaburri, including plans to use state-owned signal carrier Sentech as the core of a national wireless broadband network. Sentech’s network would be expanded to carry voice services to end users. Sentech is currently “a carrier or carriers”, and can provide international bandwidth to the cellular operators but and not to end users. Sentech also cannot offer stand alone phone calls to compete head on with Telkom or the cellular operators under its licence.

- Gambia Telecommunications Company (GamTel) has announced that it has completed an upgrade that will increase its international internet bandwidth from 9Mbps to 45Mbps. The company also promised that arrangements are being made for an additional enhancement via satellite Intelsat that will further increase the bandwidth to 55Mbps.