Nigeria Information Technology (IT) identity, Zinox Technologies Limited is set to commence offshore production of internationally certified branded computer systems, laptops and servers beginning with Ghana in September 2006

The development is coming less than five years after it pioneered the local production of computers in Nigeria

Group Head (Brand Development & Communication), Clem Ugorji, said that the move is a strategic move to enable the company meet the increasing demand in Ghana and other neighboring countries for Zinox PCs, Laptops, Servers and UPS, while taking advantage of Ghana's favorable production climate.

According to him, it will also bring the products nearer and at more affordable costs to consumers in those markets. He said that Zinox has since received necessary approvals from relevant Ghanaian government agencies, and the company's four-storey complex in Accra consisting of offices and an ultramodern plant would be completed in July. The plant will be test run by August and full production will commence in September.

Mr. Ugorji clarified that Zinox Technologies will continue to manufacture its products at the main plant in Lagos to serve the vast Nigerian market where it already enjoys entrenched leadership position. According to him, extending its production base to Ghana will significantly reduce the price of Zinox products in neighboring countries, because of substantially lower production costs made possible by stable power supply, zero duty on imported components and zero value added tax (VAT) that Ghana offers.

He noted that this is a sharp contrast to the situation in Nigeria where IT manufacturers pay between five per cent and 10 per cent duty on components; while, paradoxically, imported fully built computers attract zero duty.

Mr. Ugorji further stated that Zinox Technologies is confident that Zinox (Ghana) will be a very successful venture. Apart from lower production costs the company envisages radical growth in demand for its products, given the imminent explosion in IT capacity that will result from the ongoing World Bank-assisted project to ring the entire country by optic fiber. This will consequently reduce the cost of bandwidth and make the Internet accessible and affordable to all Ghanaians wherever they live. The optic fiber project is a forward-looking strategy by the Ghanaian government to boost IT capacity and effectively transform the country into West Africa's regional ICT hub.

Mr. Ugorji revealed that the imminent entry by Zinox into the Ghanaian market is creating excitement there, and the company is already receiving orders for supply and installation of its systems in Ghana. He further revealed that three other countries in the West and Central Africa regions have invited Zinox Technologies to establish production plants, and the company is seriously appraising these possibilities. He noted that these developments which reflect the growing international recognition and acceptance of Zinox products, also strengthen the company's ambition to become the dominant African IT brand of world-class standards.

Daily Champion