True Voice Communications and Connection Telecom have jointly released a South African package of over 340 free prompts for the open source Asterisk platform. The free prompts, recorded in a neutral South African English female voice, can be used to replace the usual Canadian accented prompts.

"Customers can now replace the standard North American-English pack with one more suited to their customers," says Connection Telecom CEO Rob Lith. "Research and our own experience have taught us that consumers want to deal with the familiar. This is also is a step toward legitimising South Africa as a business destination that should be taken seriously," says Lith.

"Although the previous voice of Asterisk, Allison Smith, will continue to have very dear place in all Asterisk techie hearts, we believe its time to adopt a more local flavour," says Lith.

The package also offers pre-recorded IVR prompts, which can be customised using the same voice talent as in the packages.

"The decision to offer these local accented prompts is in response to the growing user base of Asterisk PBXs. Companies are increasingly turning to open source solutions and the fact that South Africa now has the both the skills and the resources to support these installations is encouraging for further growth," says Lith.

To supplement these free prompts, True Voice Communications also provides customised voice packs for Asterisk and VoIP/PABX voice prompt systems.

The voice prompt package will be available from True Voice Communications website.