Telecoms News - In Brief


- Burkina Faso fixed line operator Onatel has complained about acts of vandalism on it network. Equipment in local exchanges have been destroyed or stolen leaving 600 subscribers without telephone lines. Onatel’s DG Moussa Sanfo explained that sabotage has become more frequent in Ouagadougou and in the area of Bobo, Banfora, Orodara and Djibo. In the countryside parts of the fibre network cables have been stolen too although they don’t contain any copper to resell.

- Chinese telecommunications manufacturer, ZTE is facing criminal charges in Liberia along with another company, AFRIPA/ALINK and the country's new Deputy Minister for finance, Francis Karpeh for "tampering with public records". ZTE especially, is charged for allegedly offering bribes to LTC through offers of free telecommunications equipment to the Corporation, an act that undermined UTE legitimacy for a contract with LTC.

- Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, CEO of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) defends the view that a Pan-African ICT regulatory agency that could deal specifically with ICT issues that have a continental bearing, such as satellite communications, could help reduce the costs of communications to African governments, businesses and individuals.

- The call by the National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers, NATCOMS on Nigerians to switch off their phones for one day over alleged high telecom tariffs and poor quality services failed as most subscribers ignored the call.