Finally Benin has moved a step forward towards the deregulation of its telecommunications sector when the Council of Ministers nominated Madame Nina Mahussi Sokè Gbèho Attignon as a new Executive Directrice of the National Council of Regulation of the Post and Telecommunications in Benin. The nomination has been delayed for a long time and happens four years after the first law set the framework for the creation of a regulatory body for the telecommunications industry.

According to Romain Houehou, the President of du Ligue pour la Défense des Consommateurs au Bénin, the government has recently changed by decree the way members are nominated to the new Council of Regulation giving itself more nomination power. Initially only four members out of the nine forming the Council would have been nominated by the government. Now the government has extended its power to nominate five members and the President of Council. The remaining four members will be nominated that the Economic and Social Council and the Chamber of Commerce.

Although Mr Houehou recognises that this is a step forward it also underlines that the new regulator is much more likely to be an extension of the government and therefore he fears that the new organisation will not take care of private interests and in particular consumers rights. So far Ms Attignon, the new Executive Directrice has not hold a public press conference about the role and tasks of the new regulator.