Veterinary schools in sub-Saharan Africa have joined forces to create an internet-based training programme that will allow vets to study for postgraduate degrees while continuing to work, says the Science and Development Network.

The African Universities Veterinary E-Learning Consortium will create online courses for vets unable to attend full-time degrees. African vets urgently need extra training, but few have the necessary time or money, says Keith Sones, a Kenya-based animal health specialist who has worked in Africa for 32 years.

Postgraduate training for vets in Africa is currently limited to traditional full-time, residential courses. The consortium will develop online programmes in collaboration with the African Virtual University and the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. These will include masters and PhD degrees, and 'continuing professional development' courses. Initially, courses will be available in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.,2172,124028,00.html