The Central Statistical Agency (CSA) launched on Tuesday new software -EthioInfo- the Agency said "provides socio-economic and demographic data base in a user friendly manner." At a launching ceremony held on Tuesday in collaboration with UNICEF at UNECA Conference Hall, Ato Yassin Mossa, Acting Deputy Director of the CSA said dissemination of information and data collected by the Agency needed to be backed by a reliable soft ware like the one launched.

"The statistical information collected and produced by the agency has no value unless it is disseminated to users effectively and efficiently through reliable software like EthioInfo being launched." Speaking on the advantages of the new software, Yassin underlined that ETHIOINFO, as an effective indicator data base, would strengthen further, efforts in improving his Agency's data and information dissemination system which only used hard copies, diskettes, and the internet.

"Currently, CSA disseminates statistical data and information in the form of printed publications CDs and internet using CSA's website." "The EthioInfo data base," he went on explaining the advantages of the new soft ware," offers a tool to organize, disseminate and display data in a result -based environment, allowing for better allocation of resources and development efforts," he said ,adding that the software was designed to serve as a store house and dissemination tool at a national level.

"The database acts as a storage and as a dissemination tool for data generated by different survey results in CSA.It is an essential tool for Monitoring and Evaluation on reliable current performance indicators and information on the socio-economic statistics at national level and in various parts of the country." Ato Temesgen Bankata, Expert in CSA and director of system and Programming Team said on his part that EthioInfo was time consumer, simple, easily used friendly.

"The new Software helps us to find information easily, quickly, with out wasting time, and much better than is necessary when looking for information from publications."

Daily Monitor