Internet News - In Brief


-  The Burundi regulator ARCT has licensed a number of VoIP providers but despite a meeting facilitated by the regulator, they have been unable to agree interconnect terms with the incumbent.

- Malawi’s regulator MACRA now favours the introduction of commercial VoIP  “in phases”.

- The Mauritius Internet Exchange is currently going through a test period with two ISPs but a total of six ISPs are likely to connect when it goes live.

- A new connection service to broadband Internet access (ADSL) was launched in Algiers by the public telephony operator Algerie Telecom (AT) and its Chinese partner ZTE. The service, called “EASY ADSL” guarantees a connection of 128 kbps to 2.3 Mbps of about 400,000 access in 29 provinces, Algerie Telecom’s marketing manager, Ahmed Kehili stressed in a press conference, adding that his company aims “to make Internet accessible to every Algerians.”    

- The Government of Morocco has agreed to partner with the Development Gateway Foundation and the Government of Italy to deploy a new e-government system that will streamline public procurement processes, increase competitive bidding and save money for Moroccan taxpayers. A letter of intent was signed today at the International Forum of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategies and Investment, in Marrakesh.

- Abuja-based Internet Service Provider, launched ADSL service. They will be offering a high-speed internet up to 1026 kilo bites per second starting the service at a price of N15,000 per month with a minimum speed of 512 kilo bytes per second.