Zimbabwe's Education Sport and Culture ministry announced on Monday that the ministry would continue to finance the schools five year computer program. The ministry said it is committed to ensuring that the quality of education in schools is improved significantly through the five year computerization of schools program launched by government last year.

Education sport and culture minister Aneas Chigwedere said limited financial resources coupled with non-electrification of schools in various provinces is a draw back to the advancement of the program.

Chigwedere said the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education with the support of other stakeholders is equipping teachers with computer knowledge though the integration of computer education in their teacher training curricular.

Hundreds of computers have been donated to various schools in the country by President Robert Mugabe in support of the program that is aimed at improving the education standards in the country.

Although the high standards of education have been maintained over the years the ministry has proposed various innovative measures to reform the education sector to address challenges hindering the provision of quality of education.