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In a surprise move the SNO (Second National Operator) announced late Friday that it has successfully trialled its new 5 Mbps WiMax broadband offering and that they will start a commercial trial effective immediately. The commercial trial will last six months after which a countrywide rollout of the service will begin. The SNO said that broadband consumers in Johannesburg, Tshwane, Cape Town and Durban can apply to form part of this trial, but that only parts of these cities fall within their current WiMax footprint.

The cost for the SNO’s 5 Mbps wireless service will be R 299-00 per month, and while the service is sold as an uncapped offering it will carry a soft cap of 30 GB per user. The SNO said that this pricing model will most likely remain unchanged for their future commercial launch. Vineet Kaul, Data Services Manager at the SNO, said that they will aggressively target the ADSL market with this new offering. “This is a first step in cementing the SNO as a true force in the South African broadband market,” Kaul said.

“As people can see from this offering the SNO intends to bring consumers superior services at very competitive prices. We intend to compete head-on with ADSL and we are confident that both our pricing and quality of service will be superior to Telkom’s ADSL offerings,” Kaul continued.

The SNO said that WiMax has proven to be a very stable and cost effective way to bring broadband to consumers, and that the use of wireless technologies alleviates the regulatory issues related to local loop unbundling and network sharing. Telkom was not immediately available for comment.