TelePassport has released their latest version of texSMS, a new Microsoft Outlook-based SMS application which seamlessly SMS-enables Outlook. Andrew Pitout, SMS Product Manager at TelePassport, describes as "basically a small, easily downloadable executable, which installs or 'plugs in' directly into your existing MS Outlook”. texSMS’s primary functionality is the ability to send SMS’s directly from Outlook as if you were sending an e-mail, via the addition of a 'New SMS' button within the existing Outlook 'New Email' button - of course the recipients are read straight from your Outlook contacts, and their existing mobile numbers on record are used.

One of the great benefits of using texSMS is corporate mobility - being able to synchronise with Outlook’s calendar entries and automatically remind users via SMS of their upcoming appointments when they’re not in the office. Users can send scheduled SMS’s when they are away from their desks and receive automatic notifications of important incoming mail.

texSMS does not require individual usernames or passwords and an entire corporate account is centrally managed from a secure Web interface. The company's SMS administrator has complete and instant user control, including activating and deactivating user accounts, and limiting daily and monthly user spend levels. As all of this functionality is customer-driven, it means there are no cumbersome application processes to the service provider or delays involved in implementing service changes.

TelePassport has also achieved impressive through-put rates with texSMS, allowing users to send SMS’s and be confident in the knowledge that they will arrive almost immediately. Replies to SMS’s are supported and can be delivered directly into the user’s Outlook Inbox or forwarded onto their handset.

TelePassport has built an equally impressive client base in the short 6 months the product has been commercially available and the corporate market has seen enormous value in the product with more the 1,700 corporates registering worldwide and sending more than a million SMS’s. What makes texSMS so attractive is the wide variety of tariff options available, along with the ease with which users can register and install. texSMS allows for quick and easy, cost effective SMS communication that is even simpler than sending an email message.