The Internet Society is a not-for-profit membership organisation founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy. It is dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of people throughout the world. ISOC is the organisational home of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and other IETF-related bodies who together play a critical role in ensuring that the Internet develops in a stable and open manner. For over 13 years ISOC has run international network training programs for developing countries and these have played a vital role in setting up the Internet connections and networks in virtually every country connecting to the Internet during this time.
ISOC will be opening an office in Africa to work more closely with the community and to be able to respond better to local needs. This office will be the focal point for all ISOC activities in the region related to education and capacity building member and chapter relations policy. For this office ISOC is looking for an independent contractor to serve as our Regional Manager for Africa.
The tasks of the Regional Manager will be to represent ISOC in the region and to help deepen and strengthen ISOC's regional and global presence in the areas of education, membership and policy.
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The mission and core purpose of the Job is to to examine the performance of the network in terms of its design architecture, its quality and its capacities from a specialist viewpoint and initiate actions to optimize the performance of the network as a whole. To ensure that the operational support structure for the area is optimally integrated into network operations.
The length of the contract is two years and the salary is negotiable
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The job’s duties and responsibilities involve planning new base station transmission requirements, inter-connect transmission to other networks, backbone transmission links and transmission requirements for other network entities such as the MSC, billing, internet, and finance as required for Econet Business; Map studies and path profiles; LOS surveys; Participate in repeater and \BTS site choice;Determine optimal tower heights; Determine optimal connections for new base stations and network components
The length of the contract is one year and the salary is negotiable
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DiploFoundation, in cooperation with various partners, is currently accepting applications for the Internet Governance Capacity Building Training Programme. This programme aims at improving Internet Governance (IG) related knowledge and skills for participants from developing countries.
The Programme will comprise of a first online training phase, which will last from 1 April to 10 July 2006, and a second research phase (optional) which will run from 15 July to 1 November 2006, as well as capacity building fellowships. Fellowships, which will be awarded to the most successful participants in the programme, will include placements with partner organizations and attendance at Internet Governance related meetings including the proposed meeting in Athens later in the year. The programme will facilitate community building among participants from different national, cultural and professional backgrounds.
The application deadline for this programme is March 25th, 2006.
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