Telecoms News - In Brief


- In Cameroon work is being carried out by the Committee on Production and Trade will be to amend and supplement some provisions of Law N° 98/14 of 14 July 1998 governing telecommunications in Cameroon. The proposed amendment to this law seeks to stamp out quarrels and restore consistency to ensure the smooth set up of the special telecommunications fund and also the conduct of activities to revive telecommunications development in the country. The Law of 14 July 1998 is said to have set up the Special Telecommunications Fund under the Telecommunications Regulatory Board (TRB) intended to finance the telecommunications universal service and promote its development. Consequently, the TRB was to manage the fund, while its work was to be financed by the fund were left under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

- Libya’s General Company for Post and Telecommunications has contracted Swedish equipment supplier Ericsson to build a 3G network in the country. Under the EUR58 million deal, Ericsson will roll out a 3G network with capacity for 2.5 million subscribers, as well as offering support and training services. At the end of September 2005 there were around a million subscribers to LibyaGO.