Mozambican incumbent TDM is set to introduce 512k download speed ADSL broadband. Like a lot of operators it is tiering its pricing by introducing 512k and only offering the full 2 meg capacity if customers ask for it.

The infrastructure needed to deliver this broadband offer across the country is proceeding apace with 8 out of the country’s 10 provinces connected. The contract to fibre up the last two will be signed shortly.

Meanwhile it has applications in for spectrum allocations in the 4.5 and 800 mghz frequencies in order to roll out its now piloted fixed mobile CDMA product. Apparently 800 mghz works better in urban areas as it can go through buildings. Base stations cost between US$60,000-160,000 depending on the number of subscribers.

The new Government has decided not to privatise TDM but informed sources say that this is simply the beginning of the political cycle and that the issue will come back “on the table” once the Government has got to grips with the issues. The halt on privatisations applies across the board to all state entities, not just telecoms.