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Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) and the Development Gateway Foundation today unveiled plans for a new Arabic language web portal on development. The portal, a preview of which was presented at the World Summit on the Information Society, aims to address the existing shortage of development information for the Arab World.

BA will create the Arabic portal within the Development Gateway's global portal on development, by translating and augmenting the Development Gateway's collection of information resources relevant to the region. The Library will also launch an online community of practice that will exchange information and connect with peers to address social, economic, political and cultural reform in the Arab World. This broad array of targeted information resources and services will be accessible through an Arabic language home page and translated navigational tools.

BA is leading the new initiative as part of its mandate to produce and disseminate knowledge and advance understanding between cultures and peoples. The Development Gateway is coordinating and hosting the new initiative on its global website, where an extensive network of dgCommunities partners and members currently exchanges information and collaborates on some 30 development issues.

"We are working to fulfill the strong regional demand for information on development," said Bibliotheca Alexandrina Director Ismail Serageldin. "And as we build this online community, we can ensure that reform is more widely addressed from within the Arab World - at the same time that we show how reform is being handled in other regions."

Alan J. Rossi, Chief Executive Officer of the Development Gateway, added, "We are proud to work with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. By hosting an Arabic language gateway, we can help build strong connections between our current audience of development professionals and the network the Library is creating."