Teleaccess and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) have locked horns in a fierce tussle following the cancellation of the fixed telephone operator, TeleAccess' license this week. POTRAZ issued a public notice this week announcing the cancellation of TeleAccess' licence.

TeleAccess, founded and headed by former ZANU PF Masvingo provincial chairman Daniel Shumba, last week furiously reacted to the cancellation of the licence by Potraz, calling it "mischievous". A spokesperson for the beleaguered telecoms firm said the decision taken by Potraz was "political".

TeleAccess said it was launching an appeal with the Ministry of Transport and Communications against the cancellation of the licence by the telecoms industry regulator. The TeleAccess spokesperson said the public notice issued by Potraz overlooks section 96 of the postal and telecommunication, which gives TeleAccess the right to appeal within 28 days. Should the appeal to the ministry fail to yield any desired result, TeleAccess could still take up the issue with the courts, said the spokesperson.

"Until all those channels are exhausted, POTRAZ's decision will have no effect," said TeleAccess."Potraz should also consider that TeleAccess has not been sitting on its laurels but has been considering available instruments such as private placement to raise funds to roll out the telephone project." Authoritative sources said Shumba's telephone project had met its fate because of the businessman's fall out with the ruling ZANU PF.

Financial Gazette