Take pity on the citizens of poor Chad. Almost nothing has changed in three years. There is only one ISP operated by the incumbent Sotel. There is only competition in the mobile sector with two operators, Celtel and Millicom, which has only just started operations. There are around 200,000 subscribers. International mobile calling prices are high. Prices for a call to Paris vary between FCFA400-600 a minute compared to FCFA200 in Cameroon.

There is only one international gateway operated by the incumbent and VoIP is illegal. VSAT licences can be bought but cost FCFA1.6 million. There is little possibility of changing this fee because it has been written into legal code framing the country’s regulations. There are 10 cyber-cafes in Ndjamena and hourly access costs FCFA2,000 compared to FCFA300 in Benin. As Gambaye Ndjegoltar of Electron Tchad told us:”The debate (about the future of the ICT sector) is very timid. There is not a favourable environment for its development and it’s not a dynamic situation.”