With the debut of the recently, Nigerians are catching the bloggers' fever.

After listening to the immediate past president of the Nigeria Internet Group (NIG), Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem and his counterpart at the Information Technology (Industry) Association of Nigeria (ITAN), Mr. Chris Uwaje, and some other notables in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, on the need to minimize download of contents from the World Wide Web (www) and maximize upload of local contents for sometimes, a young Nigerian graduate, Mr. Isola Isiewu, was extremely worried.

His worries bordered on how he, in his late 20s could contribute to make this kind of change in the area that is of utmost need, a realty. Based on the these experts' preaching, continuous download would further endanger this generation into what all agreed would be 'second slavery' or 'self enslavement' of 21st century.

In places like Asia, bloggers have grown to form a community of blogsphere and even organize awards annually to encourage members who toil daily sitting before their computers or systems as the case maybe, just as aims to ensure that not only the trend of download is changed to uploads, but equally to create a voice for Nigerians in diaspora to say it the way they feel about it in another format which is unusual from the norms, which is the news medium.

It could also be timely to begin the Best-of-Blogs (BOBs) awards for Africa, taking after BOB currently organized by Deutche Welle International in collaboration with Reporters Without Borders (RSF) with little or no attention given to Africa as a region, considering the continent's peculiarity.

Daily Champion