Buli Tikolo, training co-ordinator, Obsidian Systems, says its new course is aimed at office workers and other non-IT professionals that wish to gain a rounded understanding of computing, specifically in an open source environment.

“We are offering people who want to switch to open source applications and operating systems a benchmark course that will provide them with all the necessary skills to operate a computer running Linux and some of the top open source tools available today,” says Tikolo.

“This is essentially a small migration course,” adds Cristy Vine, end user trainer, Obsidian Systems. “The course is regulated by the ECDL (European Computer Drivers License) Foundation and, as such, is an internationally recognised qualification.”

“The course runs over six modules with a day dedicated to each,” says Vine. “In these modules we cover the office suite and how to work with each of its components, from word processing to working with spreadsheets, presentations and databases. We also cover information technology concepts and terminology in a broad sense and look at working with the Linux desktop on the Mandriva Linux distribution. We also cover online activities in the workgroup client Evolution and the Mozilla browser.”

“We’re confident that the user will come out of this course being able to handle their computer without having to call a help desk,” says Tikolo. “They’ll confidently be able to do what they need to on their computer with a deeper understanding of how their software works.”

It is also possible to integrate the South African course with its international partners. “If you have completed some of the modules overseas, you can complete your course here, or vice versa,” says Tikolo. “It is also possible to gain a lesser degree by gaining a qualification in only four of the six modules, should it better fit your needs.”