The Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Lenn Eugene Nagbe has disclosed that the Government through his Ministry has begun an investigation into an illegal GSM operation in the country. Minister Nagbe said the investigation was prompted by complaints from other GSM companies in the country.

At present, the four legally registered GSM companies operating in the country include LoneStar Communication, Cellcom, Liber Cell and Comium. He did not say, which of the entities is being investigated, but added, "this is a technical matter and we have to use Spectrum Analysis Equipment to conduct the investigation."

Minister Nagbe said following the probe, his Ministry would submit the report to NTGL Chairman, Gyude Bryant for action. He did not say what the penalty of such illegal operation would be.Minister Nagbe pointed out that the investigation is being conducted by technicians from the Post and Telecom Ministry along with colleagues at the dormant Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LTC).

Although the Postal Affairs boss did not name the suspected entity, a credible source has hinted The NEWS that a major international organization (name withheld) is linked to the act. According to our source, several months ago, the former head of this body made an inquiry to the Ministry about the possible use of a GSM service. "I can't tell you what the Ministry's response was at the time."

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