Telecoms News - In Brief


- Kenya Telkom's fibre optic link from Nairobi to Mombasa is expected to be commissioned by March this year.

- What appears to be another setback for hundreds of employees of the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation is said to be unfolding as reports emanating from the Corporation have it that the Ministry of Finance is yet to release the US$48,000 earmarked to pay them. Last week, angry LTC employees stormed the Corporation's compound on Lynch Street in demand of their salary. They accused the Management of doing nothing to get their checks from the Ministry of Finance for the season.

- After its success in the East African market, leading South African payphone maker Psitek Ltd is headed for Ethiopia and Sudan. Psitek will start operating in the two countries by June next year. All the company is waiting for is clearance by telecommunications regulators in the two countries who must certify that our phones are up to standard.