Worried by Nigeria's continued dependence on other countries for its Internet traffic, Senator Chris Adighije has called on Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to implement President Olusegun Obasanjo's directive for the operation of an Internet exchange point in the country.

Adighije stressed that a quick compliance with the presidential directive would give the country a befitting security cover in cyberspace.

According to him, "the Internet is increasingly becoming a way of life for Nigeria and its citizens. Its applications to leisure, business and politics are increasingly obvious to us all and hence all hands must be on deck to ensure that Nigeria gets maximum benefit from the system.

"I, however, note the country's disadvantaged standing in the cyber world with the absence of an Internet exchange point in the country. It is becoming ridiculous that all Internet traffic emanating from Nigeria to within Nigeria even within one office building must have to go through London.

"It is on this basis that I commend the presidential directive to the NCC on the need to establish an Internet exchange point in the country. Establishing an Internet exchange point in the country would confer improved confidentiality to communication by businesses and indeed information traffic by Nigeria's security agencies".

President Obasanjo had in Tunis, Tunisia during the World Summit on the Information Society, directed the NCC and other telecommunication industry stakeholders to ensure that Nigeria gets its own Internet exchange point.

Currently, Internet communication within and outside the country is channelled through the London Internet Exchange (LINX), though an attempt by the NCC through a licence to Interstellar Communications Limited to operate Internet exchange points has not been worked out because of disagreements.

The Guardian