Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), Mallam Ahmed Nasir el-Rufai last weekend in Abuja launched the first citywide wireless Internet Network project in Nigeria in conjunction with Suburban Broadband Limited. The project is valued at N670 million.

Speaking at the event, El-Rufai who noted the role of technology in modern development said that Suburban would invest an estimated N670million ($5m) in the project representing 80 per cent of the total investment to help it provide access coverage for the entire city and suburbs while the FCT authority will through the Abuja Investment and Property Development Corporation (AIPDC) bring in the remaining 20 per cent through Rights of Ways, access to land and co-location sites to build Base Transceiver Stations.

He said there were already 20 hotspots from which the residents and visitors can now enjoy broadband internet access has been rolled with a projection of up to 60 hotspots in the first half of 2006 and that "residents and visitors have been encouraged to enjoy internet access at any of the locations where the hotspots are available at no cost whatsoever though not indefinitely."

As the CT Access is a business venture with the aim of making profit, the free access will be replaced with affordable scratch cards to be sold by designated vendors from early next year and the scratch cards will be provided for mobile users for as low as N500 airtime.

The Daily Champion