Sing-Chi Cynthia Chow, who led a group of IT experts from the Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan (IIIT), has disclosed to the Daily Observer that plans are underway for the establishment of a computer assembling factory in The Gambia.

The team has already held consultations with Gamtel and Quantum Associates with a view to getting Taiwanese partners who will assist both organisations to set up a computer assembling factory in The Gambia in order to bring down computer prices for Gambians.She said: "The Gambia is ideal for a computer assembling factory which will help to develop the country's information technology and bridge the digital divide as well as reduce the cost of computer on Gambians."

But more significantly, she noted, a memorandum of understanding has already been signed between the Department of State for Communication, Information and Technology and the Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan on how to assist The Gambia develop her IT industry and bridge the digital divide in the country.

Accordingly, she promised that IIIT would take up the issue with Taiwanese computer manufacturers and ask them to visit The Gambia and see things for themselves. "This is a nice country with friendly and intelligent people who have shown willingness to learn from the experiences of Taiwan and therefore, we are obliged to assist them for the country to realize its IT dream," she said.

"Our one week trip to The Gambia has been successful and we want to thank the DoSICT and the Taiwanese Embassy in The Gambia for their role in promoting IT in this country," she added.

Daily Observer