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Kenya is the only East African country without a website for its Parliament.

The National Assembly's official website was shut down last September after The Standard published education backgrounds, hobbies, ages and other details of MPs from the site.

The site was shut down after complaints that the information was "too sensitive" and that MPs had been embarrassed.

Posted on the website, , are the words: "Thank you for visiting the Parliament website. We are currently updating this site. Please bookmark this site and visit us shortly."

The site, which was on a test run, was shut before the launch, set for last September. Kenya's Parliament now lags behind its Ugandan and Tanzanian counterparts, which have websites that have detailed information on MPs.

They detail MPs' employment history, political experience and special skills. The sites also tabulate MPs' performance in Parliament in terms of questions raised and their contributions.

Also included are parliamentary documents such as Bills, Acts, Order Papers and transcripts of proceedings.

The sites also contain a summary of development funds and ministry activities. Also posted on the sites are proceedings of committee meetings, which are still a closed-door affair in Kenya.

The public is also given an opportunity to post comments on the websites.

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