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MTC Namibia has announced a significant increase in its text message (SMS) traffic over the past calendar year and especially during the peak holiday periods.

The year-on-year (2004 to 2005) traffic has seen a rise of 111 percent and some 85 percent for the month of December 2005 compared to December 2004.

According to Albertus Aochamub, Senior Manager: Corporate Services, the increase has resulted in delays in some instances in the message delivery due to network overload, especially during the Christmas and New Year's weekends. "We are continuously increasing our capacity to cater for increased traffic volumes last year and are going to do so again this year. However, given a rapidly rising customer base and improvements in phone functionalities that enable users to send the same message to multiple contacts simultaneously, no network provider worldwide is spared the challenge of queues building up at peak periods," Bengt Strenge, Managing Director of MTC, indicated.

Strenge further mentioned that "MTC has invested in excess of N$ 700 million into the network over the past ten years. This year will see us invest another N$300 million to further boost our coverage and capacity. It will also be a year that will see us roll out new and repackaged solutions for our customers."

Namibia Economist