Ghana is drawing up legislation that will lead to the legalisation of VoIP services. According to Communications Minister Albert Kan Dapaah VoIP has come to stay and Ghana cannot afford to be left behind. Incumbent Ghana Telecom has been preparing itself for the day it is legalised by carrying out initial tests for a new service.

"We can't fight the development of technology. There is no where in this world that governments had been able to resist development of technology" says Kan Dapaah.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) would surely bring down prices," he told the Business Chronicle, adding, "We want to create value in the communication industry and the voice over Internet is a technology that is going to create immense value by enabling more people to get into the industry at a cheaper rate and good services."

The Ag. Director General of the National Communication Authority (NCA), Major Rtd. J.R.K Tandoh, has also indicated that the NCA is in the process of developing the framework to issue VoIP licenses in Ghana. According to him the authority would issue specific licenses to operators who want to operate VoIP very soon. He however told the Business Chronicle that the use of VoIP is not illegal as some companies such as Westel are using it, though without a legal framework.

The Ghanaian Chronicle