The Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) council has confirmed the “cautionary” suspension of CEO Jackie Manche, effective from 24 November.

Manche was suspended as a result of alleged violation of the Public Finance Management Act, the ICASA Act and ICASA's policies and procedures.

“The council has no option but to suspend the CEO and institute an investigation,” says ICASA's media statement.

A source close to the issue alleges the situation has been simmering for a long time and that it has now reached a head. He says the situation is really not good for the regulatory body, as it's going through a critical stage due to the pending implementation of the ICASA amendment Bill.

The Bill was supposed to address how the regulator will be funded, as well as strengthen the inner workings of the organisation.

However, there have been indications that these were not adequately addressed, with the Bill giving greater attention to issues such as a new procedure to appoint councillors, the fact that ICASA must get ministerial approval to hire foreign experts, and the creation of a performance management system.

ICASA has appointed Eric Nhlapo, GM of broadcasting, as acting CEO.