Ericsson has received three contracts in West Africa from the international operator Investcom LLC., which leads its operations in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Ericsson will have to deliver equipment and telecom services in order to lead to the expansion and upgrading of Investcom's networks in Ghana and Benin. The company will also provide the infrastructure and telecom services for the new network in the republic of Guinea.

Investcom has around 4 million subscribers to the GSM mobile networks.Most of them are under Areeba brand in Benin, Cyprus, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Yemen, Guinea and recently Afghanistan.

When it comes to the Republic of Guinea, Ericsson will have to be able to supply a complete turnkey GSM network that offers a capacity for 300.000 subscribers. The network will use the latest technologies in switching, radio, transmission and intelligent networking.

The interest shown by the subscribers for Investcom in Benin and Ghana requires an increase of the capacity of the GSM networks which run in these countries. From the beginning of the year, Areeba in Ghana grew to more than 1.4 million subscribers, while at the end of 2004 it had 955.000.

The Areeba Ghana unit plans to deliver innovative WCDMA services to the subscribers and progress within the cellular data market. Areeba Benin is also one of the most important African operators on the market right now, having 173.000 subscribers at the end of 2004. Its target it to expand and upgrade the current network capacity in order to provide quality services to 400.000 subscribers.