The Moroccan Telecommunication regulator, ANRT (agence de regulation des telecommunications) has recently taken 2 decisions regarding conflicts between Itissalat Al Maghrib (Maroc Telecom) and Medi Telecom.

The first decision relates to the full reinstatement of the interconnection lines to allow the incoming international traffic for Medi Telecom to come via Maroc Telecom. The decision requires Medi Telecom to increase its interconnection capability to 36 MICs. This will allow Maroc Telecom to properly hand over international incoming calls to Medi Telecom.

The second decision is about the conflict regarding the access to the submarine cable SEA-ME-WE 3. Back in July 2005 the ANRT gave 2 months to Medi Telecom and Maroc Telecom to negotiate a new agreement regarding access the fibre cable. The decision also stipulated that the ANRT will be automatically empowered to handle the dispute if the parties did not reach an agreement. Although Medi Telecom and Maroc Telecom started discussions they never reached an agreement on prices and start date to implement the backhaul link to SEA-ME-WE 3.

To end the dispute the regulator has required Maroc Telecom to give access to the submarine cable to Medi Telecom at its Casablanca base within 45 days from the notification of its decision. The regulator has also stated that the price for this link will be based on the current price that applies to operators leased lines plus 50%.