Digital Content

Enigma Communication has just set up a web site dedicated to the Rabat and Kenitra regions (including Khemisset and Bouznika). Rabat Info is an information and analysis site open to opinions from inhabitants, economic, social and cultural actors, local elected representatives, through dynamic and well illustrated sections.

The information given by professional journalists will be based on a number of stable and open columns: an editorial and a “File” providing a documentary base and analyses on various subjects (cultural and social action, local development, proximity operations by the local authorities and the civil society, leisure-time pursuits, regional economic activity etc.)

Each week, there will be an interview with a “Guest”, either a resident or a visitor to the Rabat or Kenitra region for professional, personal, tourist or other reasons.

The site will also propose daily several themes concerning diplomatic, associative and university life. It will contain practical columns on where to go for an outing, art galleries and cultural centres, the week's films, and interviews and portraits of people active in different sectors of the region.

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