Cactel Communications, the UK-based Powerline Communications (PLC) company has successfully demonstrated the use of an Automated Meter Reading technology on Ghana’s power distribution network with the support of Powertech Worldwide, a US based systems design and integration engineering company.

The demonstration was deployed across the Low Voltage transformer serving the Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG) Projects and Materials Complex within the Accra West distribution area. ECG management and members of its communications, customer services and technical teams attended the event.

The AMR technology is based on the innovative Powerline Communications technology which transforms the utility network into a broadband communications infrastructure. The AMR system provides the utility network with a two-way Remote Energy Management System (REMS).

The demonstration included the various REMS applications such as remote meter reading, remote connection and disconnection of power supply, prepayment service, load balancing information and most importantly the continued use of existing electromechanical meters.

Dr Andrew Boye, the CEO of Cactel, said “Cactel’s aim was to provide ECG with an infrastructure solution capable of improving operational and revenue collection efficiencies across its network.”

Similar trials of AMR have resulted in a 40% loss recovery, representing huge cost savings to electricity operations.