Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

The story in issue 272 about Ethiopian incumbent ETC set off a toxic correspondence in ETC Senior Engineer Ewnetu Tessema made a number of serious allegations against ETC CEO Tesfaye Biru. In some of the milder allgations, he claims that the Schoolnet implementation does not make use of VSAT but teachers are given tapes from South Africa:" student understands it due to the South Africans' difficult English pronunciation." He claims that ETC had to pay USD1.5 million for its Intelsat space segment. And he also claims that the ZTE mobile network worked fine until the warranty expired. He also claimed that Biru is a "Mathematics graduate with no knowledge about telecom and ICT." None of which would count for much if Mr Tessema were not a Senior ETC Engineer.

A Tsegaye sprang to the CEO's defence saying that:"By any standard, the previous ETC management is no better than Tesfaye's management." Furthermore:"Tesfaye is a graduate of mathematics, BA degree from AAU and an MSC in Information Science...from the University of Sheffield."

Other correspondents have joined the fray, both for and against Biru. Read the correspondence and draw your own conclusions.