A leading executive of the Kuwaiti MTC Group said on Tuesday last week the Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTC) is planning to compete in the Egyptian market.

Executive President of the Networks and Technologies Sector in MTC, Engineer Khalid Al-Hajeri made his statement on sidelines of the 5th Arab Conference for Information Technology and Communications.

Al-Hajeri announced MTC's intention to compete in the Egyptian market amid the ongoing preparations to establish a third network for mobile telecommunication there.

He noted that the company has always been concerned about the social role of the private sector, noting that MTC has positive contributions in social, educational, medical, and development fields. He added that MTC established a hospital in Kuwait at the cost of $17 million, and established several hospitals and contributed to improving education in Jordan.

He touched on MTC's concern for training and developing human resources, noting that MTC's subscribers reached 11 million around the world and is considered among the top mobile telecommunication service providers in the region.

MTC was established 22 years ago in 1983 and currently provides coverage in 18 countries in the Middle East and Africa.

The agenda of the technology conference, which ends on Wednesday, would discuss investment in the fields of communications and information technologies in the Arab region and the world. The conference is expected to produce a number of recommendations that would enhance the information technology and communications sector and reinforce cooperation between governments and the private sector.