Uunet Kenya has completed the first phase of its nationwide system upgade.

The company that provides business communication solutions announced last week it had introduced a new feature known as Multi Protocol Switching (MPLS) as part of its system enhancement programme.

"This feature guarantees bandwidth, which is a value-added enhancement to traditional traffic engineering mechanisms," Wilfred Waithaka, the firm' Service Delivery Manager, said in Nairobi.

"MPLS lets service providers deliver guaranteed pipes and bandwidth allocations," he said.

Waithaka said the extra features are being implemented at a cost of Sh30 million though the first phase had just been completed at a cost of Sh15 million.

He said the MPLS is a network support feature that will enable customers to efficiently use their current data network for voice calls, video and data applications with higher levels of quality.

The system will initially be available in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu to ensure wide network management is achieved and maintained.

Customers expected to benefit from the new feature are organisations that have two or more branch offices running on Intranet online applications such as Citrix, SAP, Sun Systems, Baan, Pastel, Oracle among others.

Companies that require real-time applications such as VOIP, Video conferencing, CCTV, Email and Internet communications and File transfers will also benefit.

Through UUNET's MPLS enabled network, businesses with a national presence can be assured of an uninterrupted flow of service.

Waithaka said the revamped network gives companies access to a provider that has dedicated resources and infrastructure as well as an understanding of how to manage a company's bandwidth with a full quality of service guarantee.

"The solution is inherently cost-effective for customers as they are able to take advantage of economies of scale intrinsic in our network, management and support structure," he said.

"This means companies will have the benefits of a flexible outsourced solution that preserves the privacy and content control delivered by a private Wan," he said.