American Express has selected Dimension Data (DiData) for a bandwidth optimisation solution, aiming to enable it to prioritise business-critical traffic across its existing WAN.

DiData's bandwidth optimisation solution is designed to consolidate best-of-breed caching, quality of service, compression and network monitoring/compression technologies, into a single solution that looks at bandwidth usage in its entirety and makes recommendations on how best to optimise bandwidth.  

Prior to the upgrade, American Express deployed Expand Networks' Accelerator 2700 units at four sites across SA.

The downtime of the Accelerator units, which had no maintenance contracts or software licence cover, would result in insufficient WAN bandwidth to carry data, resulting in extreme network congestion that would necessitate manual operations between the branches.   

"In addition to our concerns regarding downtime, we also experienced increased traffic from our Cape Town branch, which intensified our requirement for guaranteed quality of service and the prioritisation of business-related traffic," says Jose Rodrigues, IT manager, American Express.

The technology migration plan involved removing legacy equipment and replacing it with the Accelerator 4820, which is covered by a maintenance and support agreement.

The Accelerator aims to provide American Express with bandwidth expansion capabilities, various features that improve the response time of applications, as well as tools that allow enterprises to align network resources with business priorities.

In addition, the upgrade will ensure quality of service across the American Express WAN and allow for mission-critical Citrix traffic to be prioritised, the company says.

"We are already seeing improved operational performance since the completion of the implementation. DiData's bandwidth optimisation solution enabled us to utilise our existing infrastructure, negating the need for a costly network upgrade to cope with increased business and user demands," adds Rodrigues. Users have also acknowledged visible improvements in terms of system performance and functioning.