Vodafone launched a solar charger for mobile phones enabling users to recharge batteries anywhere where the sun is shining.

This is another important addition to the independence and mobility offered by mobile communications, and something that will be especially appreciated in the present holiday period, with long hours spent outside, far from a power socket but within reach of the sun's power.

Apart from mobile phones and PDAs, this flexible charging technology can also be used to power a range of other devices such as handheld games, MP3 players and digital cameras.

The solar charger can be bought at all Vodafone shops. Its internal battery captures the solar energy and stores it, from where it can be transferred to mobile devices. It will still be possible, however, to recharge these devices from the electrical mains supply.

Portugal is the third country in the world - after Holland and Greece - to offer this exclusive Vodafone product. The charger's mobility makes it not just a useful device for the summer holidays, but also an extremely practical accessory for those who travel frequently on business or for pleasure.

The Vodafone solar charger also has the advantage of being an environment-friendly product. To illustrate that, 10,000 customers using the charger for a year on solar energy alone would prevent the atmospheric discharge of 8 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is accepted as one of the main causes of global warming.