Over 70 ICT industry leaders are set to speak at this year’s African Computing & Telecommunications Summit (ACT 2005), to be held in Johannesburg over 4-7 October. This impressive speaker line-up has no parallel among the wide range of ICT conferences currently available in the African market. And no other event achieves the level of cross-sector coverage as a true convergence event, with in-depth educational presentations that cover computing, the Internet and telecommunications.

“ACT is not concerned with the rhetoric and hype that surrounds so many African ICT events these days. We are getting on with the job of promoting ICT knowledge, encouraging networking, and providing a marketing platform which is firmly fixed in the realities of the continent’s ICT sector, with all its challenges and opportunities. No other event bridges regional and technical divides the way that ACT does, encouraging business, investment and partnerships right across the continent,” said Sean Moroney, head of AITEC Africa, the organizers of the event.

In addition to the wide range of African and international speakers at the Summit, over 150 delegates will attend from throughout Africa, creating a dynamic three-day conference full of diversity. Over 40 countries will be represented.

ACT has as its theme this year “ICT Partnerships for Growth”, emphasizing the Summit’s role in incubating a number of partnerships in the ICT sector over the seven years that it has been running.

Highlights of this year’s summit include:

* The African Internet Forum, which will include presentations on broadband, wireless and satellite solutions, as well as badwidth management.
* The African VoIP Forum, which will focus how improved levels of service can be achieved.
* The Mobile Telephony for Development Forum, which will look primarily at content and applications.
* The African Open Source Forum, covering latest developments in Africa and internationally.
* The African eGovernment Forum, reviewing applications to strengthen government systems and improve services to citizens.
* The Enterprise Solutions Forum, which will look at priority areas like security, CRM and capacity building.
* Special events, including a meeting of the African Federation of ICT Associations and the annual general meeting of the African ISP Association (AfrISPA).

The Summit will be opened by South Africa’s Minister of Communications, Dr Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri.