TalkNet Holdings has launched TalkNet Africa, a VoIP solutions and services provider with feature-rich solutions tailored to business and residential needs. The company, which operates and owns an internationally distributed network in partnership with TalkNet Australia, aims to offer call cost reduction and network-based services, with a management team in place that holds substantial experience in the telecommunications industry.

  Paul Dinsmore, MD of TalkNet Africa, says the company will afford consumers with substantial reductions in call charges, through its locally based network. "TalkNet's offerings are of a business grade quality," says Dinsmore, "with exceptionally competitive call rates for mobile, local, national and international calls through genuine per second billing."

The company plans to facilitate a seamless and transparent switch to VoIP with little or no capital expenditure. According to Dinsmore, what differentiates TalkNet is that while competitors make extensive changes to dialling plans or replace telephone instruments, "we simplify the implementation of VoIP by placing a gateway on the network side of the telephone exchange."

Dinsmore says the largest barrier to VoIP is creating the same level of customer confidence in the technology as existing PSTN services. "TalkNet believes that it is critical to replicate the 'look and feel' of PSTN from a customer's existing workflow patterns. This also eradicates the need for user education or having to replace existing infrastructures," he adds. 

According to Dinsmore, large local organisations have already been using the technology for some time, and have subsequently saved millions of rands in call costs.

"According to a recent survey, dozens of multinational firms already have their employees making Internet voice calls, and 43% are currently using, testing or planning to implement such systems within the next two years. One only has to look at the billions of dollars that telecoms companies are spending, including Telkom SA, on IP services to realise how beneficial this technology will be."

  "TalkNet Africa plan to assist the SA consumer to take full advantage of this beneficial technology and save on monthly call costs," concludes Dinsmore.