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Hackers claim to have defaced about 700 South African Web sites over the past week. Hackers, named “oldschool” and “eMP3R0r TEAM”, claimed on a hacking “brag site”, http://www.zone-h.org/, to have defaced scores of local sites yesterday. The sites listed included mandelaart.co.za, tophostings.co.za, anctoday.co.za and webafrica.co.za.

However, most of the sites chosen at random from the list were found to be operational now. Local IT law firm, Buys Inc, confirmed that the sites had been defaced, with index files replaced by a notice saying the site had been hacked.

The sites were all hosted on a server based in Dallas in the US, says Buys ICT manager Stefan Visagie. He says this sort of attack is common and has a severe economic impact on the companies involved. Local Internet security experts are investigating the claims.