Telecoms News - In Brief


- Virgin is already recruiting staff for its new operation in South Africa.

- Telkom South Africa's DRC acquisition seems to have fallen through.

- There are a number of interesting indicators from Ghana that seem to indicate that VoIP will be legalised shortly. Certainly some companies are already making preparations.

- The Botswana Telecommunication Authority (BTA) is working on a framework for Telecommunications Technical Specifications and Type Approval procedures for the country.The project has been going on for the past nine months with the help of a UK-based consulting company, Interconnect Communications.

- According to, Senegalse incumbent Sonatel was the loser to Investcom in getting the Guinean 4th licence, having assumed that it would be the winner. Sonatel wanted to make an offer of 21 million euros and asked to speak to the Ministerial commission.

- Botswana's mobile operator Mascom is upgrading to GPRS. What will it do with this new capacity? See the article below in Web and Mobile Data News.