Internet News - In Brief


- SAT3 price watch: We hear that SAT3 capacity from a West African country to Portugal is available at USD4,500 per mbps per month (non-restorable) and restorable for an extra USD400 per month. These prices are obtainable from developed country consortium members. Whilst the worst of the consortium members are selling the same capacity for somewhere north of USD20,000.

* Eric Osiakwan of AfrISPA told ACT 2005 that the next two IXPs to open would be Angola and Mauritius and the African Internet Exchange Task Force (headed by Congelese Didier Kasole) was looking to open another 12 IXPs by the end of the programme.

* The Nigerian IXP in Lagos is scheduled to go live this week. Five ISPs are already physically connected. Lanray Ajaye of Pinet told ACT 2005 that it had been difficult to get the IXP off the ground because of the widespread use of VSATs by ISPs for connecting to each other. ISPAN, the Nigerian ISP Association is about to sign a deal with Nitel to buy SAT3 capacity as a consortium. It is also negotiating with the incumbent for its members to act as retailers of ADSL capacity. According to Ajaye:"This may help regenerate a largely stagnant market."