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Teachers unable to include exciting activities in their curriculum due to limited resources can now rely on a new website to help them liven up learning.

The Teachers Dream website, an initiative by the non-profit web-based organisation GreaterGood South Africa, connects schools to individuals and businesses who want to contribute to the improvement of education.The proposals, referred to as "teachers' dreams" to be submitted to the organisation by teachers, will be posted on the website, where individuals and businesses can choose a dream they would like to support.Director of GreaterGood South Africa, Tamzin Ractliffe, said many activities outside the classroom could benefit children's learning experience.

"We know that teachers have brilliant ideas of how to make maths and science come alive, how best to demonstrate life skills and how to explore the metaphors of the arts.

"Many of these big ideas could easily come to fruition with the support of small grants," she said. Taking pupils to the planetarium or to an exhibition is just one of the activities that could benefit pupils. Teachers are asked to submit a proposal according to the Teachers Dream criteria, which they will find online. Once a dream has been funded and fulfilled, a feedback report from the teacher and the pupils will be posted on the site.