The date for the South African release of Apple's video iPod has not been announced, but Digicape director Robin Olivier expects the device to be on the shelves within six to eight weeks.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the release of the video iPod, alongside the third-generation iMac G5, via a satellite broadcast from California last week. The announcement is unexpected, as two weeks prior to the release at the Paris Apple Expo, Jobs went out of his way to say the world was not ready for a video iPod.

The video iPod will be available in black or white, has a 2.5-inch display screen and can play music, videos and photos. “Going by what we have seen with the release of the iPod Nano, we expect the video iPod to be available in SA in the next six to eight weeks,” says Olivier. The iPod photo will be discontinued as a result of the release of the video iPod, he adds. The 30GB option will cost R2 785 while the 60GB option will cost R3 762.