Internet Solutions (IS) has been awarded a State IT Agency (SITA) contract to provide national and provincial governments with Internet services.

SITA will become a first tier Internet service provider (ISP) and provide Internet access to all 42 national government departments and numerous provincial bodies, says IS. The initial scope of the contract is worth tens of millions of rands over the first two years.

“We are all very excited to have been granted this contract,” says IS CEO Angus MacRobert. “We are now the government's ISP, providing them with full services and establishing SITA as a fully operational ISP.

“Our team put in long hours on the bid, combined with many meetings and negotiations, since it was initially issued in February this year.”

“Government's network will be cutover from SITA's previous service provider over the next two months, as it has some priority customers who need the upgraded service urgently,” says IS national sales director Tony Walt. “The deal consists of 34.5MB of international bandwidth. In addition, we are able to offer a full range of services, including security services, anti-spam and bandwidth management solutions.”

The final contract and SLA negotiations are under way, which we hope to finalise within the next month, concludes MacRobert.

SITA's previous service provider was UUNet.