Radio Botswana has joined the digital age all thanks to the University of Botswana computer science staff, who are using modern technology to record Radio Botswana's daily programmes and then channel them via the Internet.

If your computer is connected to the Internet, RB1 programming is just a mouse click away, though it is two hours behind the normal RB1 schedule.

If you miss out on a programme, the Internet service enables you to visit the archives and listen to the programme.

The service also allows you to shuffle through the programming with ease. You can listen to the six o'clock news, the seven o'clock news, or go back to the midnight shows and catch up with the goings at the station. The Internet version is truly representative of the national radio's programming, as they do not leave out any details, from music, to studio calls, interviews and news.

However, strangely, Radio Botswana itself has not been able to come up with this kind of service.

The website that runs the RB1 programming,, is not in any way associated with the government Radio Station. It is an independent, non-profit making website with the mission to serve Botswana citizens in far away places.

The website also conducts listeners survey of the RB1's Internet programming. Their recent survey reveals that 83 percent of the listeners tune to four or less programmes, while 78 percent listen to over seven programmes. The site also communicates solely in Setswana. Even instructions on how to use the website are in Setswana and that gives it the true original RB1 feel.