Telkom has reduced ADSL and data prices, with the Internet access product down to R270 per month. Prices for International Private Leased Circuits (IPLCs) via the submarine cable and satellite will be reduced by 28%, having decreased by 23% during 2004. These price reductions will be implemented on 1 August. They are said to form part of Telkom’s broadband strategy to manage its ADSL and data costs down, so as to ensure that access barriers to speedy Internet services are lowered, and that the company responds to competition on the international traffic front. Telkom launched the HomeDSL 192 low-level broadband solution for residential customers at R329 in March this year. It will now cost 18% less, at R270 per month, aiming to allow customers to surf the Internet and download content faster. The cost of HomeDSL 384, Telkom’s middle-level broadband solution for those residential customers on the faster Internet lane, will be reduced from R449 to R359 a month, and the costs of HomeDSL 512 and BusinessDSL 512 ADSL products - currently priced at R599 and R699 per month respectively - will be reduced to R477 a month.