Computer News - In Brief


- THE Computer Society of Zambia (CSZ) has finalised drafting the proposed CSZ Bill, society president Milner Makuni has revealed. "Right now, I can say that we are ready to, through the Ministry of Communications and Transport (MCT), submit the Bill for consideration during the next session of the National Assembly," he said. Makuni said the Bill was critical because not only would it empower the society to regulate and set standards for practitioners in the information and communication technology (ICT) field but also augment the yet to be enacted computer misuse Bill. He said the Bill would also regulate the broader use of ICTs in the country, as well as set standards for ICT training in the country.

- A second WITFOR project in South South Africa (co-funded by Finland) aims at developing the capacity of Southern African teachers in using ICT. It will be implemented through setting up a support website and a network of innovative knowledge sharing communities of teacher trainers and teachers. It will be applying a new method of professional development for teachers ICT capacity building in Southern Africa based on methodologies developed in the Centre for Activity theory and Developmental Work Research in University of Helsinki and in Virtual centre for Innovative Learning Technologies in University of Mauritius.