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eBucks, SA's leading rewards programme in the financial sector, launched its new Web site on Tuesday.

eBucks CEO Lezanne Human is delighted with the newly invigorated site. "I am thrilled at the prospect of taking what has become one of the best rewards programmes in the country to the next level," says Human. Human believes the launch of the new Web site will ensure the eBucks programme's widening and ongoing appeal.

"To ensure sustained success, a business must continue to grow, improve and innovate. Our new-look Web site underpins this commitment. We also believe, as we celebrate our fifth year in operation, that the Web site's development underpins the evolution of the distinctive eBucks and FNB brands," elaborates Human. "Every effort has been made to ensure the new online experience that greets our 825 000 members today is an enjoyable one."

Human says user feedback has been a focal point of the redesign process. "We have used the input received via our previous Web site and call centre as the guiding principle behind the site's new look and feel. Essentially, we have adhered to the principle that user-friendliness is what will make any site a success."

According to Human, in order to expedite the smooth transition from the familiar eBucks site to the new site, the launch of the site will be conducted in a phased manner.

"From now until 6 June, the existing site will still be fully operational, allowing users to familiarise themselves with and navigate through the workings of the new site or still remain on the old Web site. We invite our members to share their opinions and views on the site through the 'feedback banner' available or call us at our call centre on 086 123 3000."

Human also encourages non-eBucks members to take the time to visit the eBucks Shop. "Our newly revamped shop now offers members the opportunity to browse the contents of the shop without having to log in. Once they've selected the product they wish to spend their eBucks on, they will be prompted to log in and complete the purchase.

"Members will be astounded at the variety of products offered in our catalogue, from the latest in sound equipment to adventure shopping for the adrenaline seeker. We're thrilled to report that eBucks shopping has continued to grow, with a 100% increase in eBucks spent by members from 2004. We will continue to offer an exemplary service experience for our members," concludes Human.